© Hunter L. V. Elliott 2016

images courtesy of CICA Museum

‘If It Won’t Fit On One Page, No One Is Going To Read It’ is a digital collage of every artist statement that I have ever written, starting in 2010 up until now. Multiple page statements including my BFA Thesis are split up and shrunk down to fit all on just one page. The resulting cacophony from the combination of dozens of statements becomes a visual representation of what researching and drafting statement after statement feels like. It is incredibly important to be direct and honest about ones influences and perspectives as an artist, but to edit over and over and redact over and over can sometimes lead to a shell of a well thought out, albeit sometimes elaborate statement. However, as the title states, even if an artist is thoughtful and smart and thorough, a visitor to a gallery or museum is unlikely to read a statement regardless of how much light it would shed on a piece, especially if it can’t fit onto one page. I want the viewer to understand me and to understand the piece they are looking at, but as this piece shows, over-explanation deflates and can become impenetrable.

Artist Statement Exhibtion

​If It Won’t Fit On One Page, No One Is Going To Read It