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'Dictated, Not Read' Transcript

© Hunter L. V. Elliott 2016

adjective ​

COMPUTING of or relating to data compression in which unnecessary information is discarded.* ​

​The methods of recording our own existence only subsist via a lossy format. ​Within memory, as with a physical or digital collection of information, something is always omitted. Through moderation and the introduction of preference and perception, documentation of experiences and “reality” is systemically flawed. Raw Data is comprised of a diverse set of works, each exploring facets of information loss caused by various modes of translation. I have used myself and my past artworks as subjects to explore the ways that reconfiguration alters, and in some cases diminishes the original presence and meaning of each work. These pieces explore the past, while other pieces explore the present, or rather our shaky perception and subsequent recollection of it. Raw Data was an interdisciplinary exhibit, showcasing both sculptural and printmaking practices. Paper making was used to transform nearly every old or unsuccessful drawing, print, photograph and other paper work frommy career as an art student and pre-college days into a volume of cast paper pages nearly seven feet long. Shredded inkjet prints of my artist’s biography, resume, and academic transcript line the wall, leading to Oeuvre, a series of 36 mezzotints documenting every recorded or personally remembered art project conceived since my birth, over 150 projects in total. The remaining pieces in the show consist of a file storage desk unit filled with cement, a live-feed camera system broadcasting a disrupted moment-by-moment perspective of the gallery, and a laptop computer running a speech recognition program which translates sounds and speech alike into text, resulting in an incomprehensible accumulation of words and phrases.

*courtesy of Google Translate