21,160 feet of packing tape (tape 2x4) (installation view)

Air-dried/Kiln-dried tomato 

© Hunter L. V. Elliott 2016

Exploring communication involves exploring where it exists, and how it exists within it. Infrastructure (both cultural and architectural) influences how we understand what is around us, and one facet of infrastructure is the standardization or homogenization of things. Sizes, shapes, processes, materials all exist in our modern world in a specific, calculated way which frames our perception of the architecture of our civilization and our role in it. In this series, I concern myself with what happens, or would happen if or when these systems of materials, processes, and vocabularies intersect. 

quarter sawn onion

1/2" 13 threaded carrot

Kerf-cut (straightened) banana

Below is a transcript of the message stamped into the tape measure in the piece ‘First Of All’:

First off I think that it's important to begin talking about this by making it known that in executing this piece I aimed to dissect how one thinks about and subsequently begins to speak about and analyze how to talk about speaking and how that thought process evolves from perceived stimuli and unharness-able cultural and ideological filtration and then to physical pronunciation and categoricalization within a minds history and then make sense of the action and "meaning" and response in regards to how we understand this process and if it makes sense then it might've not been clear whether or not I'm doing the job that I set out to do and if I aim not to befuddle and I aim not to (or)disambiguate then (in turn )what is it that I'm trying to do by working with language in a linear fashion within( a tin or aluminum or most likely an )alloy-based substrate that is defined within the communities and store aisles of construction, home improvement as a (utilitarian )tool of utmost practicality and why am I reallocating it within the inescapable form of white cube gallery and why am I choosing to utilize that space and its unmistakable stench of fine art referentiality and to mince thoughtfully composed gibberish and art speak with colloquial sincerity and very little grammatical intervention, (avoided specifically to )never (to)grant a pause or rest and for the purpose of never letting go and never letting you surrender so that we can be together in this sober and confusing moment right here in this space vicariously under the guise of post-modern post-conceptual Art if at the very least just for a time and just long enough for you to help me to understand and even if that isn't something that can be done it's something that I am trying to begin to think about achieving and I think that this might be a part of an integral part of what that could end up saying or being and I think that I look forward to these possibilities.